Thomas Pico (Domaine Pattes loup)


Chablis White 2018

*Prix à titre indicatif
"The kind of bottle that reminds us why we love natural wines"
  • Pure, fine, lively
  • 13,5°
  • Chardonnay
  • 75cl
  • Chablis
  • -

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The tasting

This Chablis signed Thomas Pico from Pattes Loup Estate is undoubtedly one of the best quality/pleasure ratios that can be found in this renowned appellation…!

Fluid, pure, lemon, saline, mineral, fine, lively (with a solar touch at the end of the mouth for the year 2018 which was hot), it is the kind of natural wine that takes us on a journey… kind of bottle that reminds us why we love these wines without junk and with this special energy they carry…! Oh yes it’s good!


Satori's pairing

A date,
a seafood risotto,
while listening to Un anno d'amore by Mina

Thomas Pico

Thomas Pico

Thomas Pico - Domaine Pattes loup

Domaine Pattes Loup: Natural wines from Chablis

Son and grandson of winegrowers, it seems obvious for Thomas Pico to study a Bts Oeno-viti in Beaune. In 2004, he joined his father at the Bois d’Yver family estate of 8 hectares in Courgis not far from Chablis. In search of independence, he created his own domain Pattes loup, on a site of 3 hectares which must be cleared and replanted for the most part. The following year, he rented 3 other hectares from his father. Prone to change, Thomas quickly converted his vines to organic farming (for which he obtained certification in 2009).

In his early days advised by Alice & Olivier De Moor (also located in Courgis), Thomas thinks of his Pattes Loup estate as a garden and works there very rigorously: manual harvesting, meticulous work on soil, limited yields… Today, Thomas Pico has taken over the entire family estate and the total area of vines he takes care of is 20 hectares. But his vision and his tenacity have not changed: winter sowing on the entire vineyard, planting trees, plants, improving the soil to capture water… the work done is not negligible!

Thomas Pico’s Wines

In the cellar, for Thomas Pico’s wines, our winemaker only allows himself little sulfites at bottling, he works by gravity, and favors maturing for several years in order to let the wine refine itself. Considered from his first vintages as a young and very talented winemaker proposing singular wines of an incredible purity and finesse, he is today a true icon of the natural wine scene, that all the enthusiasts want to drink every year. And we understand why… This is definitely one of our favorite winemaker, because it’s so damn good!

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