Domaine Sextant


Bulles 2020

*Prix à titre indicatif
"A natural sparkling aligoté with... apricots"
  • Summery, mineral and light
  • 11°
  • Aligoté & Apricot
  • 75cl
  • Burgundy
  • Traditional method

Where to buy this wine ?

  • vins-chez-nous

The tasting

Direction Burgundy, in Saint Aubin, to discover the Sextant wines of Julien Altaber. Finally, to discover the wines. I always have to exaggerate a bit. Like when I talk about the size of my sex. Oh no, I’m not exaggerating. Anyway, I get confused. So no, we don’t discover THE Sextant wines of Julien Altaber but ONE wine of the Sextant domain of Julien Altaber and more precisely, the Foufou’nette, a natural sparkling aligoté with… apricots.

But I’m getting lost again. I will try to stay focused until the end of this column. Let’s pray that I succeed. The Foufou’nette, then. Which POP! well when I open it, but the bubbles, at first dancing, dissipate rather quickly. On the nose, I have fresh, fruity, summery aromas. I smell citrus, pear, apricot. It’s floral, light, subtly spicy, with a zest of vanilla.

On the palate, I was afraid the apricot would be too overwhelming, for a wine at least. It is not.


The apricot is there, everywhere, juicy, acidic, we taste the flesh and we suck the pit, but it is not ostentatious, it is perfectly balanced, we remain on a lively, tense, acidic, sparkling, fruity wine, whose structure, light and dynamic, highlights the good taste of the apricot. There are also notes of apple, pear and pineapple. It is very dry and mineral, almost saline in the conclusion. There is a nice astringency, it is straight, very well done, balanced, harmonious, joyful, precise. I only regret the too ephemeral bubbles, I like my natural sparkling wines with a zingy carbo, but this is the only reproach I could formulate about this pretty keel which gives peach with apricot, light (11%) and which, opened one evening of end of October, brings summer in your house, in your inside, and that, it is still the foot.
Very nice discovery of a domain of which I can’t wait to taste another keel.

Satori's pairing

A summer evening with some tapas while listening to the girls of France Gall

Julien Altaber

Sextant Wines

Domaine Sextant

The journey of the winemaker Julien Altaber

Born in the south of Burgundy, Julien Altaber always wanted to be a farmer. However, since peasant farming is difficult, he naturally turned to viticulture. After a few internships in masonry, Beaujolais, an experience in the wine trade and a few years with Dominique Derain (a great name in Burgundy natural wines), he started in 2007 to buy his own grapes to make wine. At the time, he had no equipment or infrastructure to vinify his wines. It is thanks to Dominique Derain who lends him his cellar that he can make his first vintages. In 2010, it is the birth of the Sextant domain with his first parcel acquired. Little by little, he equipped himself with a cellar and bought other lands.

Since 2017, Julien has taken over Dominique’s domain to merge the two domains with Carole.

cave domaine sextant
Cave du domaine Sextant

Domaine Sextant: a natural wine actor in Burgundy

Julien’s journey is a successful adventure since today Le Domaine Sextant is clearly part of the revival of Burgundy with its honest and energetic wines. The winemaker is one of those who are up to the task: no weedkillers or synthetic products in the vineyards; no inputs and zero sulfite added in the cellar (when possible). Doing things thoroughly, with a view to making a friendly, convivial and festive drink: that is the Sextant philosophy.

The wines of Domaine Sextant

Julien Altaber often makes orange wines from the Aligoté grape variety, which is rare enough to note! The négoce activity of Domaine Sextant is also important, Julien buys grapes from neighbors who do things well as he does and then vinifies them in the same careful, low-interventionist way. In spite of his philosophy of bon vivant, which could have made us imagine that Julien was inclined to the gurgling of buddies, well no, this winemaker makes very “worked” wines marked by a great finesse.

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