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Bordeaux : Natural Wine

Are you passing by? Do you live there but want to discover new places offering wines without added sulphites? Find the best addresses to find Natural Wine in Bordeaux:

Where to Buy Natural Wine in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux : Natural Wine Shop

au bon jaja
Wine shop Au Bon Jaja

Au bon Jaja

  • Address : 4 Cr d’Alsace-et-Lorraine, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Hours : monday to saturday 17:00 – 00:00
  • Contact : 07 68 40 35 06

The natural wine cellar Au Bon Jaja is located a few steps from the Porte de Bourgogne, in the center of Bordeaux. Au Bon Jaja is not only a wine shop, but also a natural wine bar and a bistro. It welcomes you in a popular 50’s style, just as we like it. Arnaud Charrier offers you more than 250 references in natural and biodynamic wines. 5% of the selections are Bordeaux wines. Arnaud clearly make and effort to let those wines accessible to the non-connoisseurs. You will find at Au Bon Jaja good dishes made from local ingredients as well.

Feral – Art & Vin

  • Address : 22 Rue Buhan, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Hours : monday to saturday 14:00 – 18:30, sunday 10:30 – 13:00
  • Contact : 06 45 37 79 09

An atypical place ! Feral – Art & Vin is not a natural wine cellar like the others… Feral is an English adjective designating something that is wild. Their wine selection is constantly evolving and aims to surprise!

cave vin nature bordeaux
Wine and art…


  • Address : 35 Rue du Cancera, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Hours : every day 19:00 à 23:00 and weekend also at noon: 12:30 -14:30
  • Contact : 09 86 10 42 40

vin nature bordeaux
The perfect place when you are thirsty for natural wine!

Bordeaux : Natural Wine Restaurant 


  • Address : 20 Pl. du Palais, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Hours : everyday 12:00 -15:00 and 19:00 – 23:30
  • Contact : 05 57 99 21 12

You can also eat while drinking natural wine at the following two addresses mentioned above:

  • Au Bon Jaja
  • Soif

Bordeaux : Natural Wine Bar / Tapas

tchin tchin bar
A natural wine bar not to be missed in Bordeaux

Tchin Tchin Wine bar

  • Address : 3 Rue Emile Duployé, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Hours : everyday 15:00 – 23:30 (exept wednesday closed)
  • Contact : 05 56 38 49 80

Tchin tchin wine bar is really a natural wine bar not to be missed in Bordeaux. Enjoy a good glass of natural wine while it’s still light and enjoy the brightness and the big aera of the place! A style that reminds us of the natural wine bars in Seoul.
You can also eat some good dishes at Tchin tchin wine bar while discovering their selection of organic and biodynamic wines.

Other natural wine bars already mentioned above:

  • Au Bon Jaja
  • Soif

About Natural wine in Bordeaux

Natural wine in Bordeaux may not be the most popular type of wine in the region, but it is slowly making its way. Indeed, whether for climatic or ideological reasons, it is not in the Bordeaux region that natural wine is most talked about. Bordeaux wines are more easily associated with a more conventional approach and with large estates with chateaux stretching over hectares and hectares.

However, the number of small local winemakers who are working to produce wines without added sulfite in Bordeaux region is growing. And the residents of the Port of the Moon city are also taking a growing interest in these type of wines. We also see small natural wine fairs sprouting up here and there in Bordeaux.

Some great estates, such as Château Pénin, are not ashamed to produce wines without added sulfite and totally assume to be in the movement. They often claim to make clean natural wines. We are curious and impatient to see how things will continue to develop for natural wines in Bordeaux!