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What is a Living Wine?

In recent years, alongside natural wine, the expression “living wine” has become a trend among many wine merchants and wine lovers. What does this mean? Is living wine is a natural wine? What is the difference ? We explain everything to you in 5 minutes!

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The Definition of a Living Wine

Being neither an appellation, a grape variety, a terroir, an aroma … there is no official definition of a living wine. The use of this term may therefore be subject to various interpretations. Everyone has more or less their personal definition depending on their experience and their convictions … However, at Vin-Satori, there are two relatively objective criteria which seem important to us to define what a living wine is

1 / Bacteria and Sulfites in Wine

Wine, like any living organism on earth, is full of bacteria. There are some that are beneficial and others that can degrade the wine. In order to protect the wine from bad bacteria, it is common to add sulfites. Sulphites by killing bacteria helps to stabilize the wine. However, sulphites do not sort out bad and good bacteria … Living things are intrinsically moving and evolving. So trying to stabilize it goes against its essence …

Our first criteria to define a living wine, is therefore a wine that does not contain (or very very little) added sulphites so that it is composed of biological life and that it can evolve.

2 / The Energy of Wine

In our article devoted to the energy of wine, we explained how Olivier Salières, a scientist who studied at Polytechnique, succeeded in measuring the energy of wine. He measures the interactions between photons (which are a flow of light and pure energy) and electrons (which are matter which receives and emits photons). It is the basis of life. Everything around us is just interaction between photons and electrons. The more exchanges there are, higher is the energy value. And what can disrupt this? Anything that is not natural. Regarding wine, this corresponds to all the synthetic chemicals that can be added in the vineyard and during vinification …

It therefore seems obvious to us that the second criteria to define a living wine, is a wine whose grapes come from organic farming and of which no input has been added during the vinification (not to disturb the exchanges between photons and electrons).

Is a Living Wine a Natural Wine?

Knowing that a the definition of a natural wine is “a wine without synthetic chemicals or oenological inputs made from organic grapes”, and knowing our two criteria explained previously, we can only affirm that a living wine is a natural wine.

Where to Buy Living Wine?


Buy in Town

In town, there are many shops offering living wine. Of course, we advise you not to go to a supermarket or a shop that is too mainstream. To find one, you can go to our menu: Buy Natural Wine. The good thing is that a wine merchant can advise you a bottle if you are a neophyte.


Buy Online

Here is a small selection of our favorite online wine shops:

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