Cosmoculture : a recent method inspired by millennial approaches

What is cosmoculture? What is the origin? How is it practiced at Domaine Viret? We will explain everything to you !


“Cosmoculture recalls the anthroposophical approach of biodynamics culture on certain points but goes much further on others…”

The birth of the Cosmoculure: Alain and Philippe Viret

The Viret wine estate was called by the Romans the Clos du Paradis, but at the time, it lacked water. The grapes were taken to the cooperative cellar. Alain Viret, will see throughout his childhood many specialists come to find water for the estate. Until he became a dowser himself and put an end to 30 years of family research by finding a source. He will be interested throughout his life in various unconventional approaches that he will pass on to his son Philippe Viret. Today, Philippe Viret has taken up the torch and continues to develop what they have called the Cosmoculture. Cosmoculture recalls the anthroposophical approach of biodynamics culture on certain points but goes much further on others.

What is Cosmoculture?

According to Philippe Viret, Cosmoculture is constantly evolving. He continues to add knowledge and even works on the realization of specifications in order to be able to define these principles more precisely and share them in a concrete way. Cosmoculture started to be famous, including abroad France. But Philippe Viret hope to avoid the opportunists and superficial practices.
From our understanding, the main idea of Cosmoculture is how to listen nature. The idea is not to apply a recipe but to adapt to the vine and its environment. Optimizing the natural balance or even rebalancing the eco-system of a domain so that the vine offers the best.
The Domaine du Viret, having put a lot of resources, both personal and material, into this approach.
Of course, the Viret domain is not the only one to have an approach that listens to the energetic currents of nature. Many farmers or winegrowers have a similar approach, and draw their knowledge from various trends and especially from their own experience of listening to nature. Among these many other domains, we cannot refrain from mentioning the domaine du Cadrave exquis with its particular energy which is strongly felt in its wines.
Again, Marc and Shirine Salerno talk about listening to nature. And above all, to let nature do her jobs. Their philosophy is marked by a minimal intervention that will almost remind us of the Taoist philosophy of non-action.

cosmoculture philippe viret

“Like the principle of acupuncture, but this time applied to the earth, the geobiologist will place an element such as a Menhir tomake the energy circulate more fluidly…”

The origins and practices of Cosmoculure: The domaine Viret

We cannot deny that the approach of Philippe Viret and his father is extrem. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of their practices:

  • Menhir or vertical stones arranged in the field. These stones are intended to act as antennas and to harmonize the circulation of electromagnetic currents between the sky and the earth.

  • A magnificent chaie, a real temple, built according to the golden ratio and inspired by Mayan and Inca traditions.

  • Spring water energized and in contact with precious stones which give it a particular vibration.

  • Dolias: giant pottery inspired by Roman practices to vinify some of them wines. These pottery, also built according to the golden ratio, with a very particular clay and carved inscriptions having the role of giving certain information to the wines.

  • A minimalist specification in the products used that is reminiscent of natural wine or biodynamic wines : no inputs, only vegetable and animal compost, compost juice, silica and informed water, homeopathic preparations, no sulphites for most wines or only in homeopathic dose.

  • Lunar calendar tracking

And many other practices that will soon be easily accessible thanks to the specifications of Cosmoculture.

Cosmoculture and geobiology

To fully understand Cosmoculture, it is essential to take an interest in one of the points that most characterizes this bioenergetic approach : geobiology.

We have all already noticed that on the same ground, it happens that one area grows much less well than another and is duller, less green or even arid. Of course, this is often explained by the sunshine or the water available. But that’s far from the only reason. There can be many factors, including the electromagnetic aspect of the earth.
Geobiology explains these phenomena by the different telluric currents linked to the types of metals present under the earth. According to her, there are different electromagnetic current networks, the best known of which is the Hartman network which crisscrosses the spaces (square of about 2.5 meters on a side). And it happens that knots are created where the circulation is not done well. A little under the principle of acupuncture, but this time applied to the earth, the geobiologist will place an element such as a Menhir tomake the energy circulate more fluidly.

To get an idea of ​​the result, just think back to those places of nature that particularly attract our attention and soothe us with their vibration. These places where we feel like something in the air, in the atmosphere, something invisible yet very present, pleasant, almost palpable and which can be felt by all, including the most Cartesians of us .

Here, in broad outline what Cosmoculture is, we impatiently await the specifications and that the Cosmoculture exchange group is formed so that this approach, very interesting, becomes more democratized.