Accord vin et poète

Living Wines & Poets (not all dead…) Pairing !

Founding text of a new profession: Sommelier-poet

accord vin et poésie

“There is as much poetic drunkness in a glass of Pierre Cotton as in a punchline by Booba…”

The principles of wine & poetry pairing

Without wine, there would be a lot less poets … it’s obvious, wine nourishes creative minds. What would the work of Baudelaire, Omar Khayyâm or Li po be without idrunkness? Surely less powerful and deep. Maybe even the old Buk would have ended up employee of the month at the Post Office. Who knows… And without poetry what would happen to wine? The Larousse has the answer: “an alcoholic drink from the fermentation of grapes”. If wine is more of a noble drink linking the sun to the roots, matter to the mind, the visible to the invisible, it is because there is as much poetic drunkness in a glass of Pierre Cotton as in a punchline by Booba.
Wine & poetry are viscerally linked. It is therefore not surprising that a poem is sublimated with a glass of wine (and vice versa). Happy is he whose lips whisper a verse after having carried the blood of the earth into it. As long as you find the right pairing. Every moment has its wine and its poetry. Just as you can’t drink a powerful and tannic red with Camembert, you can’t taste any wine with just any poet … So how do you choose the right bottle after going to the bookshop?

Like classic sommellerie, the wine and poet pairing is based on a few simple principles:

  • Find an elegant pairing
    The more the author has a refined and elegant writing style, the more wine should be too.

  • Finding a deep-minded pairing
    The deeper and more powerful the wine, the more the poet must be too.

  • Find a terroir match
    Find a wine and a poet from the same terroir (region) or the same country. If the first two principles are imperative to flirt with the Satori, the lest one is for the beauty of the gesture. It is the signature, the touch of an esthete mastering the wine and poet pairing!

Now the basics laid, some practical cases. There are only living wines, that is to say without chemicals or oenological inputs. It is the existential condition for the drunkness of a wine to be poetic. Concerning poets, there are old and young vintages, well-known appellations and others less, and not just alcoholics …

Charles Baudelaire vin poésie

Charles Baudelaire

Timeless, elegant, nostalgic, graceful, penetrating and known all around the world, Baudelaire contributes to the French cultural influence. He’s the boss, he almost represent the word “poetry”. And which wine best represents French refinement, nobility, depth of spirit and romanticism? A Burgundy obviously … To respect Baudelaire, which time has smoothed out, it is better to choose a bottle from a small winemaker who is both prestigious and rebellious: the Auguste cuvée from Julien Guillot (Clos des vignes du Maynes) seems perfect. A fine, unique, silky wine with an almost arrogant rebellious nobility. Baudelaire in bottle …

Baudelaire fleur du mal

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Hélène Dassavray

Hélène Dassavray

Hélène Dassavray, grandmother with white hair, as she writ it so well “actively participates in slowing the world”. With gentleness and tenderness, in her poems she paints universal emotions. A poetry with balanced aromas and flavors that brings people together. Like the Viognier – Roussanne cuvée from La Ferme des 7 Lunes, there is fruit and roundness that easily seduces the taste buds. A small touch of acidity with the scent of a rock’n’roll youth giving pep in the mouth. And minerality anchoring reality. A universal balance …!

Extrait :

La lune aussi
à travers les branches du pin parasol
offre sa tournée
de poésie

hélène Dassavray

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Lucio bukowski poésie

Ludovic Villard 

Lyonnais, not yet gone, whom Ludovic Villard raps, combs, writes, each creation is an inner quest, an abyssal plunge in search of beauty in darkness, an anarchist mantra, a way to meet yourself. To read his poems, forget all the wines with little body. You need one with character, which does not fade away, but is sublimated with the first impactful words spoken. Tatsimané from Domaine Cadavre Exquis is the perfect cuvée. A powerful, unique and complex wine made by a peasant with no business acumen. A winegrower guided by his instinct, preferring to observe nature than strutting in Parisian wineshop …

Extrait :

La lune boit tout ce qu’elle peut
Mais laisse de généreux pourboires
Et sa chute dans le caniveau du jour
Est une ascension pour qui connaît le monde

Thomas Vinau poésie

Thomas Vinau

Thomas Vinau, 43, Toulouse by birth, lives at the foot of the Luberon with his small family. Often minimalist, his poems are like the Fai Virar cuvée from Mas de l’Escarida. A light, fruity, unpretentious red wine, but with that little extra thing, that particular energy that makes it unlike any other. Humble, it makes you believe that it is just an aperitif wine, vinified to make you have a good time. But at the first sip, you realize that there is something more indescribable, a whispered depth leaving a delicate and intense memory at the end of the mouth …

Extrait :


J’écris des poèmes allumettes
des petites flammes
qui ne réchauffent rien
et qui me brûlent
le bout des doigts

Thomas Vinau Livre

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