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The Best Wine Quotes

Good wine lover? A selection of our favorite wine quotes :

« When one knows how to taste, one no longer drinks a wine, one tastes its secrets. »

SIlvador Dali citation vin

Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989)
Painter, sculptor, engraver, screenwriter, writer …

« There is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in any book. »

Louis Paster citation vin

Louis Pasteur ( 1822 – 1895)
Biologist, Chemist, Microbiologist, Scientist

« Come my brothers, quickly, I drink stars! »

Dom Perignon

Dom Pérignon (1639 – 1715)
Inventor of Champagne (according to legend)

« Wine, when it is truly wine, reveals the light of matter to arouse that of man. It comes reveal our light part and that is the real drunkenness. »

Bruno Quenioux
Sommelier, writer, wine merchant …

« Glasses of wine, which would give me to look like winning, while I was losing my means, in front of your divine gaze. I would like to lose you in the silence, if your lips could bite my mouth, or in the wine you know, in the gold of its red vapor. »



« German wine is distinguished from vinegar by the label. »

Mark Twain citation vin

Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)
American writer, essayist and humorist

« France is in fermentation; whether it will give vinegar or wine, we do not yet know. »

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg citation vin

 Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)
German philosopher, writer and physicist

« Wine is the intellectual part of a meal. Meats and vegetables are only the material part. »

Alexandre Dumas citation vin

Alexandre Dumas (1802 – 1870)


« As a teenager, I met a fiery prince, impetuous, traitor like all great seducers: jurançon. »

« I entered the world of wine without any professional training other than a certain greedy for good bottles. »

Colette citation vin

Colette (1873 – 1954)
French intellectual woman, mime, actress, journalist

« I will drink milk on the day the cows eat grapes. »

Jean Gabin citation vin

Jean Gabin (1904 – 1976)

« The simple act of opening a bottle of wine has brought more happiness to the human race than all the collective governments in the history of earth. »

Jim Harrison citation vin

Jim Harrison (1937 – 2016)

Writer, poet

« If wine were to disappear from human production, I believe it would cause an absence, a failure in health and intellect, a void much more terrifying than all the recesses and the deviations for which wine is regarded as responsible. »

« A man who drinks only water has a secret to hide from his fellow human beings. »

Charles Baudelaire et vin

Charles Baudelaire (1821 – 1867)