Accord vin et pizza

Wine & Pizza: Find the right pairing (for sure)!

Pizza, like wine, is part of our daily life. However, knowing how to match these two products is not always easy … Because their range of aromas, flavors and textures is almost endless … So how do you find the right pairing?
In order to be as clear as possible, we will first see which wine and pizza pairing according to the wines by color (red, white, rosĂ©, orange, bubbles). Then we will end up giving examples of classic Pizza (royal, cheese, margherita, Savoyard …) pariring with the best wine. Easy!

accord vin et pizza

Red wine and pizza pairing

The best red wine with a Pizza is a fairly light red. Pizza remains a rather delicate dish, so if you choose a red wine too powerful (eg Bordeaux), the aromas of the wine and its structure will take precedence over the taste of your Pizza.

  • For a Pizza made with tomato sauce, we advise you to choose a red wine with Gamay (Beaujolais or Loire), Trousseau or Poulsard (Jura), Pinot Noir (Burgundy or Alsace), a Cinsault, a Grenache or a not too powerful Syrah (CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne).

Note: The more the ingredients present have a pronounced taste (olive, meat, mushroom …), the more you can go for a red wine from tmore structured Côtes du Rhône.

  • For a cheese or cream-based pizza, red wines are not recommended. The tannins go very badly with dairy products, this gives an unpleasant ferrous taste in the mouth (to find out more, you can read our article: Wine & cheese pairing). White wines are much more suitable!

Note: If you absolutely want to drink red with this type of Pizza, choose the lightest red wine possible (Gamay, Trousseau, Poulsard) so that the tannins do not spoil your pleasure.

What White Wine with a Pizza?

Most people are often surprised, but white wine goes very well with a Pizza. It is even the type of wine that we recommend the most …!

  • For a Pizza made with tomato sauce: choose a white wine with a round and fruity side but without being too exuberant. The fruity aromas go very well with the tomato sauce. We therefore recommend a CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne wine made from Roussanne and Marsanne, but also a 100% Macabeu with acidity.
  • For a cheese pizza or with a cream base: you need a white wine with always a touch of citrus and fruit but also with a nice acidity to fight the fat of the cheese. It is therefore preferable to choose a Sauvignon of Loire, a chardonnay balanced between fruit and acidity, or a Roussette of Savoie.

Rosé and Pizza pairing

The rosé is a very good wine and pizza pairing. As long as we respect a few basic principles of the food and wine pairing.

  • For a Pizza made with tomato sauce, you have to choose a rosĂ© with body, a little structured. So opt for a rosĂ© from Bandol, Tavel or Languedoc. These are rosĂ©s with fine and gourmet tannins, like light red. This is perfect!
  • For a cheese pizza or with a cream base, you should go for rosĂ©s with a little more acidity. This helps to counterbalance the creamy side of the pizza, so that the meal does not become too heavy … You can opt for a RosĂ© from Provence or from Loire.

What Orange Wine to drink with a Pizza?

Orange wine can go very well with a Pizza as long as you choose the right one.
Orange wine is a white wine vinified like a red wine, means that the juice is left to macerate with the skin, the pips and sometimes the stems. This will give it that unique color and structure due to the tannins.

  • For a Pizza made with tomato sauce and composed of ingredients with a strong taste, we can go for long skin contact orange wines (several weeks to several months). Its tannins and its aroma will go perfectly with your pizza.
  • For a cheese pizza or with a cream base, opt for orange wines of short skin contact (one week maximum). This allows the wine to keep a lot of freshness while having an aromatic side.

Champagne, Pet Nat & Sparkling Wine for Pizza

If you want to drink bubbles with your Pizza, it is absolutely possible!

  • For a Pizza made with tomato sauce, opt for a fruity, white or rosĂ© Natural Sparkling Wine. A very good pairing!
  • For a cheese pizza or with a cream base, choose instead a sparkling wine with a little more acidity such as Champagne, CrĂ©mant d’Alsace, Jura or Burgundy.
vin pizza

The best examples of wine and pizza pairings

Margherita Pizza

Red Wine : Beaujolais / Jura
White Wine : Saint Joseph / Crozes Hermitage
RosĂ© : CĂ´tes de Provence / Bandol
Bubbles : CrĂ©mant de Bourgogne

Pizza Royale

Red Wine : Saint Joseph / Beaujolais /Alsace / Bourgogne
White Wine : Languedoc / CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne
RosĂ© : Tavel / Bandol
Bubbles : Pet Nat fruitĂ©

4 Cheese Pizza

White Wine : Savoie / Loire / Bourgogne

Vegetarian pizza

Red Wine : Beaujolais / Jura
White Wine : Savoie / Loire
RosĂ© : Loire / CĂ´tes de Provence
Bubbles : Champagne

Pizza Savoyard

White Wine : Savoie / Loire
RosĂ© : Loire / CĂ´tes de Provence
Bubbles : CrĂ©mant de Savoie