Bien tenir son verre de vin

How to Hold a Glass of Wine ? Know Everything !

The world of wine can quickly seem elitist and snobbish… For fear of feeling stupid, you can quickly not dare to ask certain questions … If you are here, it is surely because you don’t know how to hold a glass of wine … Don’t panic! We explain everything to you, and like that, at the next tasting you will have class!

Hold Your Glass of Wine !

Why does a Wine glass Have a Stem?

If a glass of wine has a stem, it is not only for an aesthetic reason … Because even if it is class, it is above all practical! This for several reasons:

Indeed, when you serve wine, it must be at the ideal temperature. So if your hand is in contact with the part of the glass containing the wine, it will heat up … And if a wine is too hot, the alcohol will come out, and the finesse and complexity of the wine’s aromas will subside. This is why a stem is very practical when you want to taste wine in the best conditions.

In addition, the color of the wine indicate the type, age and concentration of the cuvée tasted. It is therefore logical that if we have the hand that hides the wine, it is difficult to guess all of its informations.

Finally, when you taste a wine, you have to turn the glass. This allows the aromas (which are volatile molecules) to express themselves as best as possible. And turning it by the stem is much more practical and aesthetic than when you hold your glass of wine by the upper part.

How to Hold a Glass of Wine?

Now that you know why the stem of a glass is important, let’s take a look at the two main techniques for holding your glass of wine properly.

Comment tenir un verre de vin
  • 1 / The first technique is (like the girl on the right in the photo above) to pinch the stem of the glass with your thumb and forefinger. On the other hand, the man on the right is the bad student in the photo. Unless his glass of red wine is too cold and he wants to warm it up …;)
    This technique requires a little practice to be naturally comfortable, if you are a beginner and want to avoid any accidents, we recommend the next one.
Tenir son verre de vin
  • 2 / The second way to hold a glass of wine is to take it by the base of the stem. Just like the man in the photo above, you have to pinch the base with your thumb and forefinger. For people who are less comfortable, it is a very good technique to keep the glass stable, but also to easily turn the wine in order to inhale its aromas.

Now that you know how to hold a glass of wine, you can practice at home, then come with confidence at the next tasting!