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Skin Contact Wine

Find here the selection of our best skin contact wines (orange wine)!

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    What is a skin contact wine ?


    The skin contact wine (or also called orange wine) is a wine resulting from white grapes vinified like a red wine. That is to say that instead of being pressed directly, the juice of the white grapes is left in contact with the skins, the pips, and sometimes the stems, in which the tannins and pigments (responsible for its color) are found.

  • merlin vin satori

    How does a skin contact wine taste?


    A skin contact wine often gives structured white wines (due to the tannins) with complex aromas of candied fruits and spices. Find here our best orange wines to taste (a selection made by a sommelier and wine merchant)!

  • merlin vin satori

    The History of Skin contact wine


    Today, the “natural wine” movement has brought skin contact wine back into fashion. It is based on a process that originated in the Caucasus about 8,000 years ago. This technique was most probably invented in Georgia, where the oldest traces of wine making have been discovered and which is considered the cradle of viticulture. It is surely the first white wine vinified by man.