Vincent Fleith


AOC Alsace White 2019

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"This bottle is the expression of an ordinary day in Alsace"
  • Fruity, lively, consensual
  • 12,5°
  • Blend of Alsatian grape varieties
  • 75 cl
  • Alsace
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The Tasting of Edelzwicker

Edelzwicker is a denomination and an Alsatian term meaning “noble blend”. That is to say a white wine made from a blend of Alsatian grape varieties. This one by Vincent Fleith is fruity, lively and consensual. This bottle is the expression of an ordinary day in Alsace.

The Wine & Food Pairing

An ancestor not a fan of natural wine,
a sauerkraut,
listening to Strasbourg by Abd Al Malik

Vincent Fleith

Vincent Fleith


© Domaine Fleith

Vincent Fleith estate: the Biodynamic Wine of Alsace

In 1994, the Vincent Fleith wine estate removed all synthetic products. Lupines, dandelions, daisies, poppies, wild garlic bloom again in the vines. Bees and many other insects repopulate the area.

In 1996, Vincent officially took over the 9 hectares. He is the 11th generation of winegrowers. Attached to his land, he only left Alsace to practice in Beaujolais, California and Australia.

In 1999, 2000, 2001, Biodynamics gradually took hold. The wines change radically, even if they keep minerality and the specificities of the Alsatian terroir.

The vinification consists of making as little as possible : indigenous yeasts, very little sulfur, no chaptalization, zero aromatic yeasts.

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