Nicolas Jacob


L'Étoile White 2018

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"On paper, it looks good... And in the mouth, it keeps all its promises!"
  • Lively, mineral, citrus
  • 13,5°
  • Chardonnay
  • 75cl
  • Jura
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The Tasting of Là-Haut

Là Haut by Nicolas Jacob is a Jura wine, a 100% Chardonnay from the L’Étoile terroir to be precise. On paper, it looks good… And in the mouth, it keeps all its promises! Lively, mineral, with a citrus bouquet, it is a bottle that makes you travel… But do we really need to praise it since the demand for our winemaker’s wines largely exceeds the supply?

The Wine & Food Pairing

The sea not far away,
a carpaccio of scallops,
listening to Les filles au bord de mer by Arno

Nicolas Jacob

Nicolas Jacob

Nicolas Jacob

The Jura as origin

Nicolas Jacob is a child of the Jura. Discreet, we don’t know much about him. But we do know that he first worked as a market gardener in local farms (in organic agriculture of course…!). Very quickly, the passion of wine titillates him, and he ends up reorienting himself in this field. Not with just anyone… Our futur winemaker studied with the masters of the Jura: Ganevat & Jean Macle. In 2015, he finally decided to acquire his own vineyard. At the beginning, it represents 1 hectare in l‘Étoile.

As you can imagine, he’s not here to do anything dirty… Not in the true sense of the word… In short, you will have understood that for Nicolas Jacob, it seems to be an obvious choice to lead the vineyard in biodynamy and in the cellar, to make wine in the most natural way possible. Without any input. Just the accompaniment. Everything we like!

The Natural Wines of Nicolas Jacob

In very few years, Nicolas Jacob’s wine (whether white, red or orange) has been on the lips of wine lovers who have been lucky enough to come across a bottle of our winemaker. Because yes, it’s quite rare to find one… He doesn’t produce much, and we all know the hype for natural Jura wines at the moment. Does this make his wines even better? Maybe so… but he has not stolen his reputation. Here, complexity, finesse and emotions are guaranteed! We feel that there is work, honesty and love. And in the mouth, the wine never lies! Note that it offers an orange wine, which is quite rare in the Jura.

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