Labet Estate

Les Champs Rouges

Côtes du Jura White 2016

*Prix à titre indicatif
"Everything is mastered, everything is perfectly balanced, everything is sublime, what grace, what length in the mouth, what wine! Thank you !"
  • Lively, a touch of fat, complex
  • Chardonnay
  • 75cl
  • Jura
  • Barrel aging

Where to buy this wine ?

  • Cave La Cabote
  • marée haute
  • Cave Pur Jus

The tasting

Les Champs Rouges by Labet Estate is a Chardonnay from the Jura with a penchant for the Burgundian style. A nice lively attack, lemony and mineral, which evolves towards ripe fruit, grilled and herbaceous notes, substance, a touch of fat and butter (due to aging in barrels).
Everything is mastered, everything is perfectly balanced, everything is sublime, what grace, what length in the mouth, what Labet wine! Thank you for this beautiful trip !


Satori's pairing

A craving for the sublime,
a salmon tataki,
while listening to Lady by Chromatics

Julien Labet

Labet Wines

Domaine Labet

Domaine Labet : Rebellious Jura Wines

The history of the Labet estate began in 1974 with Alain and Josie Labet on a 9 hectare plot in Rotalier in the southern part of the Côtes du Jura appellation. At that time, with the famous Pierre Overnoy, they were practically the only ones to make “ouillé” wine in a region where “vin de voile” is a tradition. The “non-ouillage” of a wine consists in not filling the barrels, letting “La part des Anges” evaporate. The wine will develop a layer of yeast to protect itself from air contact, giving it its unique character and aromas. If, today, we can regularly drink “ouillé” Jura wines (and it’s fucking good!), it is thanks to these rebellious winemakers for the time. Cheers guys!

Julien Labet : the desire to make Natural Wine

Julien Labet, their son, follows in his parents’ footsteps and trains in Burgundy. There he learned about plot-based vintages, vinification and barrel ageing, which he now masters perfectly. In 2003, he took over 3 hectares of land from Alain and converted it to organic farming. The Labets were already practicing a reasoned agriculture and respectful of the environment, but the son will push the approach even further.
In 2013, after the father’s retirement, Julien Labet, along with his sister Charline and brother Romain, took over the entire estate and continued the conversion to organic farming. One year later, he abandons sulfites during vinification.

Labet : The Best of the Jura

Located at the southern tip of the Jura vineyards, Domaine Labet today covers 14 hectares made up of 45 parcels including 13 “lieux dits” in 4 different communes. The wines vinified in monocépages, coming from a single parcel, best express the personality of a grape variety, a place, a soil and a terroir. Minerality, finesse, elegance, surgical precision, let’s be honest, whether the domain vinifies Savagnin, Chardonnay, Trousseau, Poulsard… it is clearly the best in the Jura! For the price/emotion ratio, if you come across a bottle of their wine, throw yourself on it! Unfortunately, they are rare…

Note: For a few years, the domain has been making wine “élevé sou voile”, you must taste their yellow wine!

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