Wang Bing Shen Tai

Yiwu Sheng Pu erh (raw) 2014

"The result of fine and precise work"
  • Elegant, fine, structured
  • 357gr
  • Wangbing ecological garden, trees of several decades
  • 7-8 gr / boiling water / 4-10 steeps

The tasting


Tasting :


Wang Bing Shen Tai is an evolving Pu erh tea. First fresh, delicate and minty with the energy of a winter morning. Over the passes, the tea takes volume and roundness in the palate. A singular, contemplative journey, reminding us of the importance of the rhythm of nature.


Tea farmer & Terroir :


The producer Wang bing is above all the story of the Lee family. They have been cultivating tea in the Xishuangbanna region of Yi Wu village for generations. As every year, they press the Wang Bing: a collection of 5 pu erh pancakes awaited by fans.


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