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Organic Wine Without Sulfites : Our Top 10 !

Find our selection of organic wine without sulfites that you must taste to not die a fool! You will only find bottles of organic wine with great energy, balance and aromatic precision. We have tried to offer you wines at different prices, and that can be drunk at different times (aperitif, meal with your uncle, romantic evening, etc.).

  1. A Toi Nous II – Andrea Calek
  2. A Griffe Acérée – Christophe Lindenlaub
  3. Ella m’a serré – Sylvain Bock
  4. Fai Virar Rosé – Mas De l’Escarida
  5. Kidev Erti – Lapati Wine
  6. Riesling Pur – Brand Bros
  7. Auguste – Clos des Vignes du Maynes
  8. Rose Marie – Château Le Puy
  9. Elixir – Domaine Cadavre Exquis
  10. Les Cèdres – Domaine Ganevat

1 / A Toi Nous II – Andrea Calek

Red Wine | Aperitif & Lover’s Night

🍇 Grenache & Syrah | ⛰️ Ardèche (France) | 🍷 Juicy, Ripe & Fruity

“The perfect bottle for friends’ aperitif”

We start our selection of the best organic wines without sulphites, with a cheap bottle (considering the pleasure it gives), with a great drinkability, perfect for the aperitif with friends. Juicy & fruity, it’s a wine that might seem simple, but there’s this little indescribable extra thing, that makes us want to have a second one.

A toi nous andrea calek

Price : 12€

A Griffe Acérée – Christophe Lindenlaub

Price : 16€

2 / A Griffe Acérée – Christophe Lindenlaub

White Wine | Aperitif & Seafood

🍇 Riesling | ⛰️ Alsace (France) | 🍷 Nervous, Mineral & Pure

“A wine full of energy!”

Nervous, mineral (gunflint), pure, straight, lemony, beautiful energy, this is the kind of organic wine without added sulfites, that, in the mouth, goes from point A to point B, in full speed. It crosses your palate to make you salivate!

3 / Ella m’a serré – Sylvain Bock

Orange Wine | End of the day

🍇 Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay | ⛰️ Ardèche (France) | 🍷 Fresh, Pure & Springlike

“A fresh and spring-like wine!”

7 days of skin contact for this little jewel of orange wine signed Sylvain Bock. In the mouth, it is fresh, delicate, floral and pure. It has all the energy of spring without the heaviness. A perfectly balanced organic wine without sulfur!

Ella m'a serré - Sylvain Bock

Price : 18€

Fai Virar Rosé - Mas De l'Escarida

Price : 11

4 / Fai Virar Rosé – Mas De l’Escarida

Rosé Wine | Aperitif & Lover’s Night

🍇 Gamay | ⛰️ Ardèche (France) | 🍷 Léger, Fruité & Délicat

“A sensual wine !”

These small acidulated fruits of the forest, this delicacy bringing a touch of roundness, there is something very carnal and sensual in this bottle!

5 / Kidev Erti – Lapati Wine

Pet Nat | Aperitif & Party

🍇 Tavkveri | ⛰️ Georgia | 🍷 Fresh, Pure & Lively

“One of the best Pet Nat!”

The Tavkveri Pet Nat from Lapati Wine (two Frenchmen who have been making wine in Georgia for quite some time) is, without a doubt, one of the best we’ve ever tasted. Fresh, mineral, pure, lively, delicate… it’s just sublime in the mouth!

Kidev Erti - Lapati Wine

Price : 25€

Price : 20€

6 / Riesling Pur – Brand Bros

White Wine | Aperitif & Raw Fish

🍇 Riesling | ⛰️ Germany | 🍷 Fresh, Citrus & Sublime

“A big emotional blow!”

This is a bottle that we could drink every day because you are a fan! The perfect combo between acidity, citrus and bitterness. You can taste it in silence… Definitely one of the best organic wine !

7 / Auguste – Clos des Vignes du Maynes

Red Wine | A Great Occasion

🍇 Pinot Noir | ⛰️ Bourgundy (France) | 🍷 Fine, Silky & Noble

“An exceptional no added sulfite organic wine!”

A noble grape variety (Pinot Noir), the most prestigious region of France (Burgundy), an exceptional winemaker (Julien Guillot), the know-how and tradition of a domain dating back to the year 910… This inevitably results in an exceptional organic wine without added sulfites !

Auguste - Clos des Vignes du Maynes

Price : 40€

Rose Marie - Château Le Puy

Price : 43€

8 / Rose Marie – Château Le Puy

Rosé Wine | A Feast

🍇 Merlot | ⛰️ Bordeaux (France) | 🍷 Fruity, Floral & Tannins

“A gastronomic rosé!”

Rosé de saignée of Merlot, aromas of red fruits and peonies on the nose. The mouth is fluid, light with melted tannins, a real gastronomy rosé!

9 / Elixir – Cadavre Exquis

Red Wine | A Great Occasion

🍇 Merlot, Oblin, Cinsault & Aramon | ⛰️ Provence (Franceà | 🍷 Powerful, Silky & Complex

“A wine buried for many years!”

Made from 60 to 100 year old vines. The must is macerated in barrels for 10 days in the open air, before being put into big demijohn (50 l). After a few months outside for fermentation, the carboy are then buried in the spring for several years.

Elixir - Cadavre Exquis

Prix : 30€

Les Cèdres - Domaine Ganevat

Price : 46€

10 / Les Cèdres – Domaine Ganevat

White Wine | A Great Occasion

🍇 Chardonnay | ⛰️ Jura (France) | 🍷 Mineral, Citrus & Floral

“A great Chardonnay from the Jura”.

Superb nose on citrus fruits as well as floral and mineral notes. Lively and tense mouth, chalky as desired. A great Chardonnay from the Jura.