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5 Orange Wines from Alsace that you must try!

When we talk about the famous skin contact wines, we often talk about Georgian or Italian wines. Because yes, over there, they have been making it since man got drunk. And it must be said that the local winemakers master their subject… But we forget to specify that in Alsace, the white wine of maceration is a wine tradition which did not wait for the hype to express itself. The local elders will tell you that it has always been made here. Here is our TOP 5 orange wines of Alsace, which you must absolutely taste! So as not to die an ignoramus…

  1. Anarchiste – Kumpf & Meyer
  2. Artisan – Vignoble du Rêveur
  3. Sylvaner Origin – Jean-Marc Dreyer
  4. Si Rose – Christian Binner
  5. Sylvaner Macération – Pierre Frick
Anarchiste - Kumpf & Meyer

Price : 22€

1 / Anarchiste – Kumpf & Meyer

🍇 Muscat | 🍷 Complex, Citrus & Fine Tannins

“A beautiful program that made us travel!”

Anarchiste by Kumpf & Meyer is an orange wine from Alsace (Rosheim) made from Muscat. Both aromatic (citrus, apricot, lychee, spices…), with fine and elegant tannins coming from the maceration with the skin and the seeds (there is a little bit of substance in the mouth…), but with a nice freshness at the bottom, so that the wine is not heavy at all. A beautiful program that made us travel!

2 / Artisan – Vignoble du Rêveur

🍇 Pinot Gris & Gewurztraminer | 🍷 Atypical, Wild & Smoky

Artisan, signed Mathieu Deiss, is a UFO!

In the Alsatian landscape and in the world of natural orange wine in general, Artisan, signed Mathieu Deiss (one of our local darlings!), is a UFO!
A dark pink color, aromas of wild berries (which awakens the man of the woods in us) and a smoky side which persists in the end of mouth, there is something to be pleasantly surprised… Promised !

Artisan - Vignoble du Rêveur

Price : 18€

Sylvaner Origin – Jean-Marc Dreyer

Price : 20€

3 / Sylvaner Origin – Jean-Marc Dreyer

🍇 Sylvaner | 🍷 Fine, Elegant & Aromatic

A perfectly balanced bottle

In the Origin series which are only skin contact wines from Alsace, Jean-Marc Dreyer offers us a fine, elegant and aromatic Sylvaner. A perfectly balanced bottle between the freshness, its delicacy and its orange peel aromas, which reminds us that this winemaker masters his subject with love!

4 / Si Rose – Christian Binner

🍇 Gewurztraminer & Pinot Gris | 🍷 Feminine, Perfumed & Floral

Floral, feminine & complex

Si Rose from Domaine Binner is an orange wine from Alsace, floral, feminine and complex. A special cuvée with a lot of things to tell due to the blend of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 vintages. Be careful, the bottle empties very very quickly…

Si Rose - Christian Binner

Price : 24€

Sylvaner Macération - Pierre Frick

Price : 23€

5 / Sylvaner Macération – Pierre Frick

🍇 Sylvaner | 🍷 Rich, Complex & Fresh

Another great wine from Pierre Frick

We finish our classification of the orange wines of Alsace that you must taste with the Sylvaner maceration of Pierre Frick. Like all the white wines of maceration that we particularly like at Vin-Satori, we find richness, complexity, but with a lot of freshness to avoid any heaviness. Another great wine from mister Frick… !