vin sans sulfite ajouté

What is a Wine Without Sulfites?

If you are asking yourself the following questions “What is a wine without sulfites?”, “How to recognize them?”, “Where to buy them?”; you have come to the right place!

vin orange alsace

5 Orange Wines from Alsace that you must try!

When we talk about the famous skin contact wines, we often talk about Georgian or Italian wines. Because yes, over there, they have been making it since man got drunk. And it must be said that the local winemakers master their subject… But we forget to specify that in Alsace,…

Natural Wine Club

Best Natural Wine Club : Our Top 4 !

You want to receive natural wine every month at home? Here is the selection of the best natural wine club. You will only find here websites offering very nice selections and with sincere convictions!

Meilleur vin orange

Best Orange Wines : Our Top 10 !

As you know, at Vin-Satori, we are big fans of “orange white wine“. One of us even went to live in Georgia, the cradle of “amber wine” (as he calls it there), to understand all the secrets of wine making and maturing. He came back even more thirsty… So we…

biodynamic wine

Biodynamic Wine, What is it?

What is biodynamic wine? What are the allowed inputs? How to recognize a biodynamic wine? What is the difference with an organic wine? Where to buy? We answer all your questions!

sulfites vin

Sulfites in Wine

Sulfites in wine seem to be the antichrist of natural wine lovers. Whereas before, it was chaptalization that was singled out, today it is clearly the use of sulfur that is the subject of debate in the world of wine. But do you know what it is really about? What…

vin jaune labet

What is Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine)? Know everything !

If you leave a wine in the open air, most of the time it turns vinegar. But it can also, under certain conditions, develop a veil to protect itself. This layer will give it particular aromas and texture. This is the case of Vin Jaune (Yellow wine). Nicknamed “the Gold…


Cosmoculture : What is it ?

What is Cosmoculture? What is the origin? How is it practiced at Domaine Viret? We will explain everything to you !

Vin bio

What is an Organic Wine?

What is the definition of an organic wine? How to recognize it? Is it a sulfite-free wine? What is the difference with a biodynamic wine?… Know everything in 5 minutes!

vin vivant

What is a Living Wine?

In recent years, along with natural wine, the expression “living wine” has become fashionable among many wine merchants and wine lovers. What does it mean? Is live wine a natural wine? What is the difference?

Macération carbonique

What is Carbonic Maceration?

What is carbonic maceration? What is this process? Why is it use? What is semi-carbonic vinification? Carbonic maceration is a type of winemaking that has long been used in Beaujolais. With the emergence of the natural wine movement, it’s now use all around France. We will explain everything to you…

vin qvevri

Qvevri : History, Definition… Know Everything !

With the emergence of the natural wine and orange wine movement, a new word has appeared in the wine lover‘s lexicon: Qvevri (also spelled Kvevri). We will attempt to briefly explain what a Qvevri is and its history.

vin et fromage

Wine / Cheese (& Bread) Pairing

In all countries of the world, good food and drink is often a story of fermentation and yeast. With wine, cheese and bread, France is a good example, and is doing quite well in these areas. However, even if France excels, finding the right harmony between these three everyday foods…

Arome vin

Aromas & Tastes in Wine

What is the difference between tastes and aromas? What is an aroma? How do we perceive them? What are the main families of aromas? We learn or revise together in complete relaxation!

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Pet nat

What is a « Pet Nat » ?

Often cheaper, more festive and less ceremonial than champagnes, natural sparkling wines known as “Pet nat”, with the emergence of the natural wine movement, are trends onto the shelves of wine merchants, restaurant tables and friends’ lounges. Vin-Satori explains to you what a Petillant Naturel is, and the difference with…

Vin Orange

What is Orange Wine ?

It’s the latest trend in wine bars and restaurants, where the words ‘natural wines’ can often be seen proudly displayed at the door. It has a colour and taste that novices may find surprising, while the more curious among us may find it intriguing. Those who are more conservative and…

vin nature

What is Natural Wine ?

What is Natural Wine? How is it made? How to recognize a natural wine? Why it is debating? In the worst as in the best, natural wine exacerbates the passions, the taste, the energy transmitted and the freedom of action of the winegrowers. We will explain everything to you !