wine book

Books on Wine : Best Selection!

After our article “Natural Wine Book“, find here all the wine books who helped us to better understand this complex universe. We only took out of our library favorites!

alice feiring

Alice Feiring – For the Love of Wine

Alice Feiring, born in 1954, is an American journalist-author. She has written for Time Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, and published several books natural wine. She made a name for herself by sharply criticizing Californian wine, which she describes as “too woody, too expensive and too manipulated”. And she…

Vin et poésie

Poems about Wine : Our Favorites !

Wine and poetry are intrinsically linked. They complement each other. What would a Burgundy grand cru be without the poetry it tells us? What would Baudelaire’s work be without wine as inspiration? It’s hard to answer this question… And then no one really wants to know the answer… At Vin-Satori,…

Kermit Lynch

Kermit Lynch – Adventures On the Wine Route

Kermit Lynch: born in 1941 in Bakersfield, California, is an importer and American wine merchant, also co-owner of a vineyard in France (Domaine Les Pallières en Gigondas), writer, and musician. He lives part of the year in Provence, not far from Bandol and the Domaine Tempier.